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This document is intended for the purposes of providing information about the JT Global network and should be read in its entirety. All information contained in this document is correct at the time of issue, however no guarantee is given regarding the accuracy of the contents nor shall any part of this document become contractually binding in any form.

JT assumes no liability as a result of actions or inactions that result directly or indirectly from this document.

Company information

JT (AS8681) is the primary telecommunications operator on Jersey and a major operator across the Channel Islands.

As a network operator, JT deploys and maintains a European IP network built upon Ten Gigabit Ethernet (10Gbps), STM-64 (10Gbps) and Gigabit Ethernet (1Gbps) links supporting the communications requirements of 160,000 Channel Islands residents and businesses and thus generates a large amount of Internet traffic. JT maintains its own transchannel submarine cables.

The corporate JT web site is accessible at:

Autonomous Systems

JT operates globally with the Autonomous System of AS8681.

All Autonomous Systems transited by the JT network are contained in the AS-SET (or AS-MACRO in RIPE-181 terminology) AS-JERSEYTELECOM which is stored in the RIPE Internet Routing Registry.

The preferred method of filter generation is to build them automatically from the AS-JERSEYTELECOM data stored in the global IRR.

The current set of prefixes transited within AS-JERSEYTELECOM, as registered in the RIPE IRR, is available via a cached copy of our IRR entry.

Peering Points

JT is present at the following public peering points (also known as Internet Exchange Points, amongst other names).

IX Name ASN IPv4 IPv6 City, Country
LINX 224 8681 2001:7F8:4::21E9:1 London, UK
LINX 226 8681 2001:7F8:4:1::21E9:1 London, UK

In addition JT can accommodate private peering at the following datacentres:

Datacentre City, Country
TeleHouse North London, UK
TeleHouse East London, UK
Telecity Powergate London, UK
Telecity Harbour Exchange London, UK

Suggested Maximum Prefixes : 100

JT offer settlement free IPv4 and IPv6 peering for networks meeting certain criteria, please see our peering policy for full details.