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JT (AS8681) is the main telecommunications operator on Jersey and a major operator across the Channel Islands.

As a network operator, Jersey Telecom deploys and maintains a European IP network built upon Ten Gigabit Ethernet (10Gbps), STM-64 (10Gbps) and Gigabit Ethernet (1Gbps) links supporting the communications requirements of 160,000 Channel Islands residents and thus generates a large amount of Internet traffic. Jersey Telecom maintains its own transchannel submarine cables.

The corporate JT web site is accessible at:

Minimum requirements

In order to establish either a Public Peering or a Private Interconnect with AS8681, the candidate network should meet the following criteria:

Public Peering Interconnection (PPI)

AS8681 is available at the following Internet eXchange points:

JT's peering policy does not require the candidate to establish more than one PPI, but any PPI generating more than 200Mbps of traffic should be protected by means of establishing a second PPI at any other exchange point where both JT and the candidate's network are also present. However 200Mbps is not a minimal requirement to establish more than one PPI, thus networks generating less than 200Mbps of traffic with JT may set up other PPI.

Private Network Interconnection (PNI)

JT also accepts to establish PNI with other networks when both JT's network and the candidate's network are co-located at the same housing facility or when both networks agree to share circuit's costs if they are not in the same facility, but in the same city. Physical media available to privately interconnect with Jersey Telecom are:

The housing facility where to establish the PNI shall be discussed directly with the candidate. JT is present in the following facilities:

Technical notes

Upon establishing either a PPI or PNI, the candidate SHALL:

The candidate shall NOT:


Peering request

If the candidate meets the prerequisites stated in this document or think that establishing a peering session would be beneficial to JT even if it does not, then please send your peering request by e-mail at:

Your request will be carefully evaluated by our peering committee and an answer be returned as quickly as possible.

If your peering policy requires JT to sign a peering agreement, please attach it to your peering request in order our legal department to be able to review it.

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